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  • 9th June
  • 09

Nothing like seeing the mountains again!

So I am here in Virginia!!!!!  Man how I missed the mountains!  Currently I am eating a delicious blueberry scone and drinking a mocha at Mill Mountain coffee- SoOoOoO Good.

First off, my orientation for Anthropologie went well and I think I will enjoy the job.  It looks like I will be working with a lot of women who are really nice- which is always a goof thing!  Originally the meeting was supposed to go until 4, however I lucked out and was able to get out by 2:30PM.

Before leaving, I made sure to make sure my drum was secured (I decided to name it Tuney; it’s a girl), my GPS was secured (the suction cup no longer works, that’s why there is duct tape) and that I was secured.  See Below:

As you can see, I was more than ready to go!

The trip was about 9 and 1/2 hours (I got in around 1AM) and I only made one pit stop (pretty good right?).  Which, trying to not let my friend Alex wait up for me I thought I would just grab something easy to eat while I drove.  Which was a very nice idea, however when I ordered the jumbo pretzel I didn’t realize that it was extremely salty until I was driving down the road.  What ensued next was me coughing and hacking loudly, trying to grab for the paper bag I got the pretzel in and attempting to somehow get all of the salt off… while I drove.  It was not the most safe moment of my trip, nor the most pleasant- though in retrospect my experience was pretty funny and not surprising that it happened to me.

Along the way I did run into some construction which kind of slowed things down, but once I hit West Virginia I was clear for an hour or two and got to go 70 MPH…  I definetly cut my time down a lot.  NY should get some 70 MPH areas :D

I listened to anything and everything on my trip.  If anyone is curious as to what I listened to all the way to VA I will list some below.  I recommend all of these (except Book of Mormon if you get easily offended):

  1. Book of Mormon the Musical (It was my first time listening to this and it definitely kept me awake; I was more so curious about what they wouldn’t say)
  2. The Moth Podcast: Episodes -  ”James Foster & Kathleen Miller: SLAM Stories”, “Todd Hanson: Sloth”, “Mike Daisey: What Was Learned in London”, “Anthony Griffith: Best of Times, Worst of Times”
  3. NPR’s All Songs Considered Podcast: Episode- “Summer Music Preview”
  4. Bon Iver Cover Album
  5. My old Salem,VA mix I made when I was on my MT internship
  6. Lots of Queen, Bluegrass, Dixie Chicks, Reggae, and anything I knew all the words to so that I could sing and harmonize along.

I also left fun messages to my sister Susan and talked to my old supervisor and good friend Beth for a bit.  I had a pretty fun and safe trip to say the least.

So today I will be visiting Beth at the Salem VAMC where I interned.  I am so excited!  I get to harmonize with one of my favorite people and I get to see some awesome veterans both familiar and new.  Supposedly, some of them have been asking about me and want me to stop by when I get there.  Knowing this just melts my heart and makes me feel pretty great as well.  I will let you all know how it goes!!!

Oh and for auburnlegato:

The CMTE courses do cost money, it just depends on what you are doing and where it is located.  The one I am going to be taking is about $350.00 (I had to pay an extra $25.00 to get the credits to go toward my certification).  There are much cheaper courses of course, and there are even independent study ones as well that you can purchase for I believe $45-$60.00 from musicworx (I’d have to double check, but it’s still pretty affordable).  If you have anymore questions let me know!

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