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The Adventures of a New Board-Certified Music Therapist

  • 11th June
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Ok so I only have like 20 minutes to fill everyone in on how things are going in VA.  I am extremely exhausted but I am soooo having a blast!  Which is why I am still awake, I am running on pure adrenaline and happiness :D

I had a great time on Thursday with Beth.  I actually got to see some of my old patients and helped facilitate one of the groups on the Alzheimer’s/dementia floor.  One of my patients, Mrs. C, was so happy to see me and she went right into telling me how she has improved over the past several months.  She has MS and her primary goals while I worked with her were improving here breathing, diction, and tone as well as getting some of the dexterity back in her fingers and maintaining full use of her vocal chords.  She made sure to tell me that she was getting better at singing in her upper register (or head voice) and that she will be learning harmonica soon as well.  My favorite though was the fact that she has been socializing with the other patients much more than the last time I saw her.  She just looked so happy, it was a great feeling to see her in such a way!

I have been able to see many of my VA friends as well.  I believe Thursday night a group of us went to Thelma’s Chickens and Waffles and saw a friend play in a Reggae Band (The Lazy man Dub Band if you are curious) and then Yesterday I got to go to St. Mary’s Waterfalls with my friend Alex M. (I got to swim in the river!), after my course I got to go to Floyd for their Friday night Jamboree (I got to flat foot and add some salsa moves to awesome bluegrass music- how is that for crossing genre’s????).  I think tonight I will be going to a place called martins….  Things are busy yet super awesome!

So far my CMTE course has been wonderful!  I am not gonna lie I was a little nervous about not really knowing anyone, but there were people who were there that I had met the last time I checked out Radford.  I am learning lots and lots!  I would write more but I am crunched for time before I go back…  So one quick story.

Remember that drum video I posted a few days ago of a man named Kalani playing the drum?  Well this man is pretty awesome and I found out when I got to the course that he was co-teaching!  So at the beginning of the course yesterday we all had to introduce ourselves- when it was my turn I said:  Hi my name is Nicole and I am a brand new Music Therapist!”  and everyone clapped (everyone else was either a student of practicing professional).  So right after me, Kalani had to introduce himself.  After he stated his name he turns to me and says: “I have to give you the pound sign, because I to am a brand new music therapist and I took my CBMT exam in March as well!” .  I got a pound sign from Kalani!!!!  Soooooooooo cool…  Maybe we can become Bff’s…  :D

Ok I have to eat, so more updates to come!!!!!!!!

I apologize for any terrible grammar, mispelled words, or run on sentences!

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